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Wooden Bowls That are Both Organic and Sustainable

Have you ever considered if it’s worthwhile to invest in an excellent wooden salad bowl or whether it’s just something that needs to be replaced regularly?

A good bowl will last an eternity if adequately cared for and maintained regularly. For your kitchen, FJK woodturning has the best wooden bowl.

Our organic wooden bowl has the potential to become a family heirloom in the future. They can also become collectibles as we make high-quality, hand-turned items.

So, here are some characteristics that ensure their longevity:

As with most of our kitchen utensils, the materials and techniques used in the manufacturing process affect the product’s consistency and durability. They can be anything from:

  • Hand-turned or turned on a lathe by a motor.
  • Constructed from a single piece of wood or layers of wood segments skillfully glued together in a slat-like pattern, horizontally or vertically.
  • Made of laminate pieces with a thin wood veneer on the surface.

How do you know which option is the best? Let’s take a look at some of the services we provide at FJK Woodturning:


Ireland’s Best Wooden Bowl

From start to finish, making one of our wood bowls takes over a year at FJK Woodturning. It all starts with picking the right piece of wood.

We turn the greenwood until it is roughly the correct size for our project, whether it is a wood bowl, dish, platter, or art piece. On this rough-turned bowl, we leave a 10% thickness and coat it liberally with wax. After that, the bowl is held for a year to dry thoroughly, slowly and naturally. The bowl will warp and twist slightly as it dries slowly, but the process is gradual enough that it rarely cracks or splits. The extra width that we left on the bowl ere drying helps us to return it to its final shape and finish it at the end of the year.


What Is the Best Wood for a Wooden Bowl?

Hardwoods are ideally suited for salad bowls, so we can use them to make a wooden bowl. Hardwoods are broadleaf trees that grow a nut or fruit and are found in temperate climates. In the fall, they shed their leaves and go dormant for the winter.

Wooden Bowls


Our vessels are made from a single, solid piece of wood that is hand turned on a lathe and kiln-dried at low temperatures, which is the most structurally sound choice.

However, since they require the most labour, they will also be the most productive.


Exceptionally Well-Constructed

At FJK Woodturning, segmented parts are glued together in a ring construction style or vertically connected in a slat-like manner to create several choices for beautifully designed vessels.

The segmented building of this Totally Bamboo has come to an end.

Our substantial wooden bowl, made of beautifully segmented Acacia wood slats, measures 16″ in diameter by 6″ in height, and its sloping walls are ideal for tossing a salad.

Natural grain, the solid heft of the vessel, generous scale, and quality construction distinguish FJK Woodturning’s wooden bowls. No staining is needed due to their beautiful lustrous grain, making them ideal for food.

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