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The Best Woodturning Offer

Woodturning is the method of cutting and molding shapes into the wood as it rotates around an axis. It usually employs a wood lathe to perform operations such as sanding, cutting, knurling, facing, turning, drilling, and deformation.

Woodturning goods are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.

FJK Woodturning provides high-quality woodturning materials, wood finishes, and turning blanks from leading brands to woodturners in Ireland. Woodturners from all over the world can rely on the goods and services we provide. Only goods that we can use ourselves are supplied.

So, why should you buy from us? As a woodturner, I understand the value of consistency and dependability in the products we offer. While I’m new to woodturning, I’ve been selling equipment, fixings, and finishing items for a long time and know what makes a good product. More significantly, the FJK Woodturning after-sales service is second to none. We want to earn a good reputation among our fellow woodturners, so we only sell woodturning tools from companies that share our values.


Get More Based on Your Preferences

You’ll find the woodturning equipment you need on our website to turn and finish your turnings to a high standard, but we’re still on the lookout for new items that might improve our future work. All of these items are available for purchase online or in our woodturning store.

We want to be more than just another shop; we want to promote woodturning to people of all ages and help create a community where all woodturners can share their knowledge. So come on in and become a member of the FJK Woodturning family.

FJK Woodturning aspires to build long-term relationships with customers and friends who share a passion for woodturning art and craft.

Wood turning

Carefully Crafted Products by Professionals

As a full-time woodturning professional, I guide our company to build a product range based on what my peers and I have been using to satisfy our more discerning palate, which we see pleases our customers as end-users of our finished work. We intend to add more products, focusing on the quality of the items we provide rather than the quantity. Any turner will look back on what they’ve bought and known it’s time to update all too late. We are selecting based on results because the cheapest option is rarely the best option. Our goal is to allow you to buy it right the first time.

We have a highly skilled after-sales team that can provide clients with global support.


Reasonable Cost

Our machines’ high-cost efficiency will help clients spend less and accomplish more. It can reduce our clients’ investment risk and give them a clear advantage in a highly competitive market.

I am not a production turner at FJK Woodturnings, and I am not interested in producing large quantities of the same piece, but I may do so if the order is for a standard-style bowl. I work closely with my customers to see if they want a particular size or form or a concept for a unique piece that they want to see come to life.

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