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Woodturning In Ireland

FJK Woodturning has unrivaled experience and expertise in the field of woodturning in Ireland, and we’ve passed on everything we’ve learned to our team of artisans.

We have all of the equipment necessary for conventional construction methods, such as long-hole boring and dovetail slotting for pedestal tables, as well as heavy-duty lathes capable of turning large pieces of wood. Both of these places offer Ireland’s finest woodturning.

We may copy a sample of work from your sketches in a variety of woods, and all of our parts are custom-made to your specifications.

FJK Woodturning supplies woodturners in Ireland with high-quality woodturning products, wood finishes, and turning blanks from leading brands. Our products and services are trusted by woodturners all over the world. We are only given products that we can use ourselves.

So, why should you make a purchase from us? I understand the importance of accuracy and dependability in the products we sell as a woodturner.

Only companies that share our beliefs offer woodturning equipment to us.


Get More of What You Want Based on Your Preferences

On our website, you’ll find all of the woodturning equipment you’ll need to turn and finish your turnings to a high standard, but we’re still on the lookout for new things that will help us better our work in the future. All of these pieces can be purchased either online or in our woodturning shop.

We want to be more than just another shop; we want to spread the word about woodturning to people of all ages and help build a community where all woodturners can learn from one another. So come in and become a part of the FJK Woodturning clan.

FJK Woodturning strives to form long-term relationships with customers and friends who share a love of woodturning art and craft.

Wood turning Ireland

Items That Professionals Have Expertly Designed

As a full-time woodturner, I lead our company in developing a product line focused on what my colleagues and I have been using to please our more discerning palates.

As end-users of our finished job, we believe this pleases our customers. We intend to add more goods in the future, emphasizing the quality of the things we provide rather than quantity. Any turner will look back on what they’ve purchased and realize it’s far too late to upgrade. Since the cheapest choice is rarely the best option, we are choosing based on outcomes. Our mission is to help you purchase it correctly the first time.

We have a highly trained after-sales team that can assist customers all over the world.



Our high-cost efficiency machines can help clients spend less and get more done. It has the potential to reduce our clients’ investment risk while also providing them with a distinct competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.

At FJK Woodturnings, I am not a production turner, and I am not interested in producing large quantities of the same piece, but if the order is for a standard style bowl, I will do so. I work closely with my customers to determine if they need a specific size or shape, as well as a design for a one-of-a-kind piece. To receive the best woodturning in Ireland, request a quote.

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