Best Turning Woods To Check Out

There is an age-old tradition of turning wood on the lathe as a means of relieving stress, which goes back to the times when woodworkers had a real job that demanded long hours of work. Everyone is at a beginner level at least once, and no one wants to go all the way to the bottom or all the way to the top-down when they’re learning to turn wood. These are all reasons we exercise caution in choosing different exotic and domestic wood blanks that have differing sizes, prices, which enable us to meet the different price points of our woodworking customers at different levels.

This was the main reason behind the founding of FJ Woodturning; a desire to provide customers with high-quality wood products, to keep prices down, and to be widely distributed.

As with woodworking, it is just a matter of passing on the information that’s needed. When you are looking for valuable supplies at FJ Woodturnings, you will find everything from here to the moon. Spending prolonged periods of time on demos and all over the country were part of our development plans before the event. The whole point is for you just to sit there and enjoy the show. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Our Custom Woodwork

We have several market sectors in which we do custom woodwork: a craftsperson will gladly place an order, as well as wholesale clients of all sizes. This means that we have a lot of specialty woods here at the lumberyard, which is something we do not yet list on our website! Slabs are installed throughout most of the country’s financial institutions, restaurants, and even university buildings. In particular, if you have a project in mind, let us know. Bulk products are our norm, including bowl; instrument blanks are routinely bought and sold in whole sheets or in addition to their fractions for customers elsewhere. Reach out to us for wood, tabletops, or if you need larger lumber, or if you want lumber with increased volume, you can!

Turning Wood


FJK Woodturnings specializes in finding and producing turning wood machinery and equipment. We value all of our customers’ wishes and are dedicated to implementing any suggestions made to us. We spent a lot of time brainstorming new ideas for woodturning tools and accessories. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or want to create your machinery, FJK Woodturnings will help you through every phase of the process. Our experience buying woodturning machinery and equipment for export makes our global purchasing challenge a lot easier.


Quality is Our Highest Priority

FJK Woodturnings produces high-quality, simple-to-use turning tools and accessories so that people can spend more time relaxing, designing, and enjoying woodturning as a hobby or a profession. We’re the world’s leading manufacturer of replaceable carbide-tipped woodturning tools for a reason:

Our products are high quality and handcrafted in Ireland, and our customer service team is knowledgeable, responsive, and quick. We specialize in turning; we are consistently first to market with cutting-edge turning tool and assistant designs; our products are high quality and handcrafted in Ireland; and our customer service team is knowledgeable, sensitive, and fast. By choosing to work with and supply equipment from some of the world’s finest manufacturers, we also make a statement about our values and enable you to buy and enjoy using these fine tools to offer the best turning wood scene.

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