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Ireland’s Best Elm Bowl

An Elm bowl is a bowl constructed from an Elm Tree’s wood that resembles a natural Burr. The burr is a gnarly growth that grows on the sides of trees from time to time. It results in an unusual grain pattern that improves the wood’s appearance. FJK Woodturnings‘ Elm Bowls have the highest finish and the longest durability. It’s finished with Danish Oil, which is suitable for cooking. The measurements are approximately 101/2″ x 5″ (23cm wide x 12cm high).

We are your perfect partners to bring your dreams to life, as we have years of experience manufacturing high-quality Wooden kitchenware like wooden bowls, beech bowls, elm bowls, etc.

Since high-grade raw materials are easier to deal with and create less waste, we use them. All of the units would be of the same high quality for our customers. All types of wooden containers are among our essential items. Our Vision is to provide high-quality wooden kitchenware at a reasonable price that helps our customers achieve their organizational objectives.


The Best Product Made of Selected Materials

We only use high-grade wood as raw materials, such as Acacia, Rubber Wood, and Oak Wood. Only when the materials are of good quality, do the wooden kitchenware turn out beautifully.

For the final finishing of our items, we only use Health Approved Wood Lacquer. Since most of our customers are from Ireland, this is a requirement for working in this sector.

We cooperate closely with our clients to realize their Vision. If necessary, we tend to contribute to product design to help clients save money or improve the product’s aesthetics.


Service that is Friendly to Customers

We work with customers from various networks who have additional quantity requirements at FJK Woodturnings. In this regard, we are very versatile, and our products start with a very low MOQ.

We recognize that the foodservice industry’s needs vary significantly from those of the retail sector, and we are versatile in offering customized solutions ranging from a cafe to a five-star hotel.

Elm Bowl


The durability, intricate designs, and flawless finishing of our products are what make them so famous. We offered only the highest quality wooden kitchen items because of our extensive expertise in woodworking and export services. One of our primary goals is to concentrate on high-end quality products at a fair price.

We provide specialist advice to assist you in quickly locating the right tool for your kitchen. With our comprehensive range of kitchenware, you can make your kitchen more efficient and practical. Now you can relax and enjoy your cooking or baking!


Why Do You Choose FJK Woodturning’s Elm Bowl?

Ninety-five percent of our items are designed in-house for exclusive style and quality that you won’t find anywhere else. Our Handcrafted collections contribute much more to the communities in which they are produced.

We place a premium on ethical sourcing. That means more recycled and upcycled materials, as well as less waste.

We make it easy to build a healthier home for you and your family with organic fibers and low-VOC finishes. We’ll take care of it. You can get free design advice from the comfort of your sofa!

Enjoy your shopping experience at FJK Woodturnings and get the best elm bowl in Ireland.

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