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Beauty of Custom Wood Furnitures – Why Buy One?

Having your own place, your own house doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel like ‘home’. Remember, it is simple to put up four brick walls and a ceiling on top. What makes home feel like home is what is inside. Custom wood furniture allows you to express yourself in every corner of your house and build up a décor that me you feel comfortable in. Furniture isn’t always about functionality; it is also about personality. And custom wood furniture has the strongest personality. 


Before diving any deeper, let’s get the one main question of any purchase away: Cost. When the word ‘custom’ used is used before any product, people generally assume that class of products is more expensive. And generally, they are right to do so. However, with custom furniture, the idea is a bit more different. When buying from a locked list at a big box store, you are confounded to whatever fits you budget and is sitting right in-front of you. This greatly reduces flexibility and choice and will force you to have to buy a piece that wouldn’t realistically be your first choice. With custom furniture however, you have complete flexibility with size, material and finishes. Because of this, you and your carpenter can easily plan out a piece of furniture that meets your needs and fit within the restrains of your budget. 

Superior design

Custom wood furniture has better design, plain and simple. Furniture you buy at a big box store is designed and manufactured with efficiency and profits in mind. Style is reduced to an after thought only. With wood furniture on the other-hand, this list is flipped on its head. You can have your wood artist make you furniture with style and character. You can have any sort of design you want. This allows you to get away from the boring and bland ‘all you need is a rectangle’ design of store-bought furniture. 

When designing your furniture, you can view large catalogues to take inspiration from and you can input your own cool ideas. You can select from different types of material that all have a different look to them. You can select the perfect finish for the furniture to truly make it your own creation. The freedom in style custom furniture allows you will always be unparalleled. 

Custom built

Probably the second biggest factor when buying furniture, after cost, is: Will it fit? 

Buying a piece of furniture needs consideration because you cannot just buy whatever you see. You need to make sure that the thing actually fits your room. And this is one tough job to do when buying from a big box store. As discussed before, when purchasing from said big box stores, there are often too many factors like a small selection list and budget constraints that really limit your options. And often, what happens is that because of all these variables, you are unable to buy the correct size furniture for your needs and space. 

With a custom piece being made bespoke for you, size is totally in your hands. You decide the dimensions. Now, you can adapt your furniture to fit your room whilst also maximizing furniture size so that it is the most useful to you.


A custom-made furniture is vastly more durable that store bought ones. It’s a fact. Store bought furniture is designed and manufactured with a ‘streamlined process’ in mind. Manufacturers want to maximize production which often leads to them taking a few liberties. These liberties include sometime using only the bare minimum number of fasteners and using the lightest wood they can get away with. Also, depending on your region and industry practices, manufactures can will often sell you furniture that will only last a pre-decided number of years. This is a common trend replicated in many industries. Manufacturers purposefully design products that have an ‘expiration date’. After all, they are a business and will most prefer you buying a new piece of furniture from them every 5 odd years. 

Coming back to custom furniture then, you can take full freedom in material selection. Withing your budget, you can select woods and finishes that last the longest. Add to this fact that there is a real human putting in care and effort and making the furniture thoughtfully instantly ensures better durability.


Custom wood furniture is a superior choice in every single way to mass manufactured furniture. A custom-made furniture has better style, more character and deliver more for your money. They also just happen to be more durable as well. What’s not to like?

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