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For You, the Best Beech Bowl

A time when making beech bowls was a prized skill passed down through the generations. With the abundance of low-cost materials available to mass-produce tableware, FJK Woodturning’s handcrafted beech bowls have become a specialty brand.

This centuries-old traditional craft, which has been passed down and refined over generations, is on the verge of becoming extinct.

FJK Woodturning takes pride in its beech bowls’ consistency and the fantastic extra features they offer, such as being entirely manufactured in Ireland in today’s import environment.

Our process of handcrafting beech bowls takes nearly a month to complete and is based on a technique used over a century ago.

FJK Woodturning uses hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Hard Maple, and Red Oak to make its bowls, which are sourced from forests all over Ireland.


Eco-friendly and Long-lasting

Our company’s commitment to environmental stewardship is continuing. All of our decisions in the manufacture of beech bowls and goods take into account our environmental activities. Only the trees with the largest diameters are cut down, leaving smaller, less mature trees to flourish in their place. The large canopies of leaves are removed, allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor, enabling young foliage and wildlife to thrive. Fine cutting is the term for this procedure. The logs are shipped in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths to our mill, with no registrations less than 16 inches in diameter approved. This is where the method of making a beech bowl starts.

Each log is cut into large blocks, which are then turned into bowl blanks by FJK Woodturning. The larger blanks yield bowls that are 17-, 15-, 12-, and 9-inches in diameter, all from the same blank. Smaller bowl blanks are 10 inches, 8 inches, 7 inches, and 6 inches in diameter. Each of the bowls nests inside the other, or nesting, as it is commonly known. Nothing goes to waste or ends up in a landfill, and any wood that cannot be used to make bowls is fully utilized. The leftover wood is used to heat houses, fireplaces, and campfires, while the shavings and fine-tunings are used as animal bedding.

Beech Bowl

A Smooth Finish Ensures Longevity.

We finely sand the bowls to a glossy finish after this process, then dip them in food-grade mineral oil or rub them with our own Oil Wood Preserver. Our bowls serve a dual purpose: they are both practical and decorative. The natural properties of wood make our handcrafted beech bowls a sensible environmental option as a natural, sustainable, renewable, and recyclable resource. Another benefit is the appealing visual characteristics of wood, which include warmth and character. All of our bowls come with a lifetime guarantee, and we are proud to say that at FJK Woodturning, we are creating tomorrow’s antiques that will last for generations.

A lifetime guarantee is included with all FJK Woodturning beech bowls. FJK Woodturning will replace your bowl with a new one of similar size and finish if it ever cracks or warps from daily use. Never leave water in a wood bowl for an extended period, and never use the dishwasher to clean wood bowls or any other wood product. Clean your beech bowl with water and a small amount of mild soap, then hand dry, according to FJK Woodturning. FJK Woodturning will provide you with a lovely hand-picked beech tray.

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