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My name is Fran and I am from Dysart, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, and I own the business FJK Woodturnings. I am a wood turning artist and wood worker, and I enjoy working with wood and nature, as you never know what’s hiding inside that tree trunk and what beauty maybe revealed within it. I started  on my journey as a wood turning artist 2 years ago and hopefully will be doing it for many more years to come.

I never knock a healthy tree only take the ones that are diseased or have fallen due to storm damage and I especially love it when the tree’s are spalted as this adds a whole new unique look to my pieces. I make all native Irish timber and are finished in a food safe oil and be used every day, with just a wipe of a damp cloth and dried. If you have a tree that has fallen and would like something turned out of it let me know.

At FJK Woodturnings I am not a production turner and I’m not keen on producing lot’s of the same pieces, but may do so if the order was for a normal style bowl for example. I work closely with my customer’s and if they want a specific size, shape or they may have an idea that they want to see this unique piece come to life.

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Fran is an awesome woodturning artist.I purchased handcrafted wood turned Bowls and it is awesome
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Sandra Daly
Highly recommended their product. The wooden vase I purchased from them is amazing.
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Barry Fernadez
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